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Explorers, mazes and flags 14.06.13

Continuing our learning theme 'Exploring our World'', this week Trendle Class were excited to welcome another explorer who talked to us about their travels around the world. Mrs Crisford's daughter, Genevieve, told us of her amazing adventures in America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Malawi. She kindly put together a wonderful photographic tour for us and talked us through her experiences in each country. We would like to thank her for organizing this and sharing her time with us.

Alongside this, we have started to think about becoming 'explorers' ourselves. We have been designing some Jungle mazes which we will try to re-create in 3D form next week. Then we will share them with a Learning Partner to see if they can work out the correct directions to follow.This learning will then lead us into using compasses to plan routes around the school. 

Another element of our learning this week was specifically chosen by the children. During our mind-mapping session last term, the children were eager to learn more about flags of the world. This week we have spent time researching and familiarising ourselves with the different flags and the children have produced some colourful replicas to display in class. Do come and have a look and see how many you can recognize.

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