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Fire! Fire! 21.01.15

Fire! Fire!


On Monday morning we started the week with a very exciting morning. We had a visit from someone called Jon, who came to tell us all about the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service. We learnt what to do if there was a fire at home and how to prevent one. We had a competition to see who could get dressed into their fire fighters uniforms the quickest - they were very fast so I am looking forward to PE tomorrow now! I expect very fast changing! We have been given a lovely bear who is going to get to go home with everyone to check that their houses are nice and safe in case of any fires.


We then went to visit a real fire engine! We got told all about the tools carried on board to help rescue people. We then got to use the hoses to see what being a fire fighter is really like! Giant Class were very good at this! We were very lucky to have a visit from the only fire engine in the country with the dragons from 'How to Train Your Dragon' on the side of the engine - they were particularly excited by this! 

We have lots of keen, aspiring firefighters now! The children loved this experience and are now very keen to learn!

We thank everyone who came to help us learn from the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service that day.


Miss Cook

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