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River dipping 13.7.22

This morning we had a very exciting visit from Colleen, who is a Wildlife Conservation Officer from the Dorset Wildlife Trust. She walked with us from our school to the river Cerne behind the playing field and talked to us about the wildlife we might find in and around the river. She then showed us how to collect a 'kick sample' standing in the river with nets. Once we had collected our samples, we tipped out the water into a bucket and into viewing trays. We used identification charts to help us name and describe the different creatures we found. We found small fish, leeches, little shrimps, water snails, mayfly larvae and cased caddis under rocks! It was very exciting! Colleen explained that the water in our river must be very happy and healthy because there is so much wildlife thriving in it. Hopefully your Duckling/Giant can talk to you more about out adventures this morning.

Perhaps you can look out for more wildlife when you are out and about near rivers or water this holiday.

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