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Sea Life Centre Topic Capture! 14.04.15

Sea Life Centre Topic Capture

Wow! What a day we have had! We have had a wonderful day exploring the Sea Life Centre, seeing lots of different creatures both big and small! I am sure you will have heard about most of them! Definite favourites amongst the children were the penguins, sting rays, sharks and turtles. The children were completely captured and mesmerised by the creatures we saw and I am sure they will be keen to learn during this topic.

We also got to go up to the top of the Sea Life Tower which we all enjoyed as we got to see so many things! Some of Giant Class were a little nervous of this to start with but were so confident and went on it anyway! Once we were in the air they were fascinated by being so high up above the sea! All of Giant class behaved courteously today, all of the adults were very proud of them.

Miss Cook

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