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Temporary Visitor Child Protection Summary 2019 - 2020


C. Child Protection Summary for all Visiting Professionals


Cerne Abbas CE VC First School


As an adult working directly with children in this school you have a duty of care towards all pupils. This means you must always act in a way that is consistent with their safety and welfare.


It is your responsibility to keep your child protection training up to date; you might be asked for evidence of this.


You must follow the principles of safer working practice, which include use of technology – on no account should you contact or take images of pupils on personal equipment, including your mobile ‘phone.


If the behaviour of another adult in the school gives rise to concern you must report it to the Headteacher.


If you have a concern about a child, particularly if you think s/he may be suffering or at risk of suffering harm, it is your responsibility to share the information promptly with the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) or the Deputy who are; Catherine Cresswell (DSL) and Alexandra Ryan (Deputy DSL)


The following is not an exhaustive list, but you might become concerned because of:


  • Seeing a physical injury which you believe to be non-accidental
  • Observing something in the appearance of a pupil which leads you to think his/her needs are being neglected
  • A pupil telling you that s/he has been subjected to some form of abuse


In any of these circumstances you must write down what you observed or heard, date and sign the account and give it to the DSL or a Deputy.


If a pupil talks to you about (discloses) sexual or physical abuse you:


  • Listen carefully without interruption, particularly if s/he is freely recalling significant events
  • Only ask enough questions to clarify what you have heard. You might not need to ask anything but, if you do, you must not ‘lead’ the pupil in any way so should only ask ‘open’ questions
  • Make it clear you are obliged to pass the information on, but only to those who need to know
  • Tell the DSL or Deputy without delay
  • Write an account of the disclosure as soon as you are able (the same day), date and sign it and give it to the DSL.


Do not ask the pupil to repeat the disclosure to anyone else in school, ask him/her or any other pupil to write a ‘statement’, or inform parents. You are not expected to make a judgement about whether the child is telling the truth.


Remember – share any concerns, don’t keep them to yourself.


Useful Contacts


Appendix 1


1) For all referrals (concerns about children, which require a social work assessment)

Call Dorset’s MASH – Multi agency safeguarding hub; 01202 228866


3) Out of Hours Service 01202 657279


4) Dorset Safeguarding and Standards Team 01305 221122


The team comprises Children’s Services managers and advisors including:

  • The Education Safeguarding Standards Advisors who offers advice and support to schools in relation to safeguarding and child protection issues


  • The Local Authority Designated Officer (the LADO) to whom allegations against adults who work with children in education establishments must be reported


5) Dorset Virtual School for Children in Care

01305 228350


6) Dorset Governor Services (for governor safeguarding training)

01305 224382

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