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Trip to Lyme Regis Museum & rock pool walk 15.7.22

We have had such a lovely time at the museum and exploring rock pools on the beach in Lyme Regis today!


The minibus journey itself was very exciting- especially when we started to see the sea appearing in the distance! Once we arrived we spent the morning looking around the museum and learning more about Mary Anning and her fossil hunting. We saw some impressive fossils and ammonites and put our dinosaur knowledge to the test! (Luckily we had many dinosaur enthusiasts who had some fantastic questions and answers for our museum guide Chris). We then went on a little walk up the hill to see the statue of Mary Anning and her grave/stain glass window in the church. Then we had our packed lunches sitting in the shade outside. The most eventful moment being when Miss Stephens had her sandwich pinched by a cheeky seagull!


After lunch we went down onto the beach. The tide had gone out far enough for us to be able to walk down to the rockpools and hunt for some exciting creatures! Chris was fantastic at finding these creatures and was able to tell us lots about them. Our favourites were the large velvet swimming crab (with red eyes and blue claws!!) and the little hermit crabs. We also found lots of limpets, sea snails, anemones (they felt like jelly!) and many other crabs! The children were having so much fun. We could have spent the whole afternoon there!! I'm sure they would love to take you back and show you one day.


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