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Camera trap in the peace garden 8.11.22

Today before our welly walk we thought about our new topic enquiry question 'What happens in our peace garden at night?'


We watched some footage of a hedgehog taken from our peace garden a few years ago using a camera trap. We then watched some more videos from Harry's Grandparents garden of a fox and fox cubs and a badger! We then researched what these animals like to eat. We discovered hedgehogs eat lots of insects, especially worms, beetles, earwigs and caterpillars. Badgers eat worms, frogs, birds, mice/rats, insects, seeds and berries. Foxes eat many things including rabbits, birds, frogs and worms but also eat fruit and berries too.


On our welly walk we went on a bug hunt!! We searched for insects and worms to try and find where nocturnal creatures like hedgehogs might come to find their food!


We have set up the camera trap again...I wonder what night life we will capture this time!

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