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Giant and Ducklings Class

Welcome to the Foundation Stage 1 and 2 Class.

Miss Stephens will be sharing her class's learning through Tapestry but occasionally an entry will be added to the Giant and Duckling's Class Page. This might be a few lines, a couple of pictures, a video or possibly some of their learning! We hope this will give you even more insight into what your child learns when in our care.


In This Section...

Summer 1- Who is my favourite character?

Spring 2- Do we need the sun?

Spring 1- What happened to the dinosaurs? 

Autumn 2 - What is my favourite rhyme?

Autumn 1- Who will we find on the farm?

Year 2023-24

Summer 2- What patterns will we find in the garden?

Summer 1 - What will we find in the rainforest? 

Spring 2- What is my favourite story & poem?

Spring 1- Who are our heroes?

Autumn 2- What happens in our Peace Garden at night?

Autumn 1- Who am I?

Year 2022/23

Summer 2- What can we learn about blue spaces and friends in the ecosystem? 

Summer 1- Once Upon a Time...Tales of Friendship 

Spring 2- Dangerous Dinosaurs! Do we trust dinosaurs are extinct?

Spring 1 - Outer Space

Autumn 2- Nursery Rhyme Time & Peaceful Christmas

Autumn 1- My Friends and Me & Farming Friends

Year 2021/22

Summer 2- Magical Minibeasts

Summer 1 - Superheroes! Who Can We Trust to Save the Day?

Spring 2- Traditional Tales and Fictional Friends

Spring 1- Peaceful Places in the Jungle

Autumn 2 - Day/Night & Animal Friends

Autumn 1- Marvellous Me & My Marvellous Friends

Year 2020/21

Summer 2- Under the Sea
Summer 1- Once Upon a Time... 

Spring 2- Dangerous Dinosaurs!

Spring 1- Outer Space!

Autumn 2 - Nursery Rhyme Time & Peaceful Christmas!
Autumn 1- Me and My Friends & Farming Friends

Year 2019/2020


Mad about Minibeasts! Summer 2

Giles Andreae 'Commotion in the Ocean'! Summer 1

Once Upon a Time! Spring 2

Space and Dinosaurs! Spring 1

Celebrations! Autumn 2

Year 2018-2019

Marvellous Me and Fantastic Food  Autumn 1

Year 2017-2018
Under the Sea Topic Summer 2 
Fantastic Fairy Tales! Summer 1
Dangerous Dinosaurs! Spring 2
Spectacular Space! Spring 1 
Christmas! Autumn 2
Julia Donaldson Topic - Autumn 2 
Marvellous Me and Fantastic Farming - Autumn 1

Year 2016-2017

Magical Mini Beasts - Summer 2
Giles Andreae Topic - Summer 1
Dangerous Dinosaurs! - Spring 2
Down in the Woods - Spring 1
Celebrations! - Autumn 2
Marvellous Me and Fantastic Food! - Autumn 1

Year 2015-16

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