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Exploring our senses 28.9.22

Earlier this week we watched a video explaining our 5 senses. If you would like to watch again together at home follow the link below (  We talked about our favourite things to taste and smell and played a game to test our sense of smell alone! We closed our eyes and Miss Stephens passed lots of different smelly items under our nose for us to sniff. We had to think about whether we liked or disliked the smell and what it smelt like. Some smells were more distinctive and easy to identify like the fresh orange but others were more difficult to describe. We realised it was more difficult to identify what something was using our sense of smell alone. Usually our senses work together to help us explore and experience things during our everyday life. We played a similar game this afternoon but using only our sense of touch. We had to try and identify the object from our classroom hidden inside the feely bag without peeking!! It was quite tricky! Maybe you could have fun exploring your senses with similar games at home too!


Yesterday we had a 'tasting' circle time! We tested our sense of taste (with a little help from our sense of smell!) by closing our eyes and sampling different foods, without peeking, to see if we could guess what it was. The children used lots of interesting words to describe the textures and tastes and were able to guess most of the foods from the smell alone! We sampled a slice of banana, small piece of carrot, small piece of tomato, piece of dried mango and a small square of white chocolate. You can probably guess which was the most popular!!


We then headed out on a senses welly walk, using a clipboard to record the different sights, smells, sounds and textures with pictures and drawings. We noticed that we can feel things with our hands but also with our feet in squelchy mud and on our face when the cold breeze blows. Can you use your senses to notice more when playing at home or outside? Don't forget to use your nose! On our walk we could smell burning logs from a log burner/fire and the lovely lavender.

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