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Week 4 - Automaton, Cricket and Teeth

Abbey class have had a really busy week in class. They have worked extremely hard.


In Science, they have been learning about teeth and the different types of teeth and the purpose of each type of tooth. Moreover, they have been thinking about how they can keep their teeth healthy after a long discussion about the importance of keeping their teeth healthy, especially in adulthood. 


In English, we have been writing our own stories based on the 'Invention of Hugo Cabret'. The children created stories based on a character in a train station who has got a secret object in their pockets. Unfortunately, the character gets caught and has to empty their pockets. They changed the character, the contents of the pockets and the motive behind the character. Some excellent creative writers are emerging! Superb reading, here are some examples:


'Through the window, the boy saw the pleasant moonlit sky. Occasionally, he would sit by the window wondering what it was like outside the station. The station he lived in had rows . Daily, you would hear the horns of the trains. Frequently, you would see the smoke'


'The gold and green painted station was full of stalls and they were full of attractive looking flowers, breads and all kinds of things. The poppy, red painted trains were glistening in the sunlight.'


In maths, we have been doing lots of learning about multiplication and moving onto division in the next few weeks. Please do look at the knowledge organiser for our class to see how we tackle different operations in class!




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