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Terrific Trees 21.11.13

In topic this week the children wanted to build a we did!! We learnt about the journey of a river and it’s features at different points in it’s life and tried to identify these on our river.
On Thursday Trees for Dorset came to help us learn about the different trees we can find in Cerne Abbas. The children went for a walk and collected as many different types of leaves as they could. We then tried to identify them buy looking closely at their shape, size and colour.
In the afternoon the children made detailed observational drawings of the leaves and made a wormery to see what leaves worms like best!
In Maths we have been learning to add in lots of different ways: in our heads, on a number line, using written formal methods, and some of us even learnt about adding decimal numbers!
In Literacy the children finished planning their river reports and started writing them up, thinking about all the organisational features of a report they learnt about last week.

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