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Our trip to Dorchester via train 10.10.23

Giant and Duckling class had a super time travelling to Dorchester on the train today! Emilie and Chantelle (Dorothy's Mummy) met us at Maiden Newton station and helped us to board the train safely. The children remembered lots they had learnt with Emilie yesterday and understood they needed to stay behind the yellow line and take a big step up onto the train. Our train was a little delayed so we waited a while for it to arrive, watching another train as it arrived at the other platform. We had lots of waves from other passengers and train staff! We waited underneath the shelter away from the yellow line and were very excited when our train started to arrive- the driver even tooted his horn for us! When our train arrived we split into two groups to board the train and found a seat to sit on. Some of us had a view out the window and a table! The children were excited about what they could see out of the window and found it especially exciting when we went zooming through the dark tunnel! Ellie gave us all a special stamp for our tickets, stamping out a train shape.


When we arrived at Dorchester station we carefully stepped off the train and out of the station. We waved Emilie and the train staff goodbye and headed off to Coffee #1 for a snack and drink. It was very exciting sitting at grown up tables in the cafe. The children very much enjoyed their hot chocolate and juice treats! Even the grown ups were treated to a hot drink! We then headed off to the library to meet Jen. She gave us a tour of the whole library, even letting us peek inside the staff room and offices. She also read us a story about a dragon going to school. The children loved exploring and sharing books in the library. They listened so beautifully to Jen's story. 


After our library visit we ate our packed lunches in the park and had a play before it was time to head back to the train station! 

The children had such a fantastic time experiencing travelling by train today. They have a special ticket and picture book to bring home gifted from Platform Rail to help them remember about keeping safe on the train. We hope they enjoy many more train rides in the future! 

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