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Recruitment and Selection Policy



Recruitment and Selection Policy


Date of policy November 2022

Date reviewed by the

Governing Body

PPC committee - 01/11/2022

Member of staff responsible

in Cerne Abbas CE VC First


Alex Ryan
Review dateOctober 2025



Recruitment and Selection Procedure – (A Framework for 



1 Introduction 

Our staff are our school’s most important resource.  In serving the needs of its pupils, our school can only be as effective as the people we employs. 

Successful and thorough recruitment and selection has a fundamental role to play in ensuring the people with the right combination of knowledge, competencies and personal attributes are appointed. 


Under sections 175 and 157 of the Education Act 2002 and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018, Governing Bodies in all schools must ensure that their functions are carried out with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  It is vital that schools adopt recruitment and selection procedures that help deter, reject or identify people who might abuse children or are otherwise unsuited to work with them, in order to safeguard our children.  


Toolkit documents that are available for use:

  • procedure summary
  • guidance on establishing the vacancy need and the nature of the post
  • template job description (teaching posts)
  • template person specification
  • job application pack checklist
  • criminal records declaration form (HR14)
  • childcare (disqualification) regulations requirements form
  • candidate criteria for shortlisting
  • invite to interview letter template
  • guidance on obtaining references
  • reference request template letter
  • checklist on the conduct of interviews
  • guidance on interview questions
  • interview question assessment sheet
  • employee identity check form
  • decision matrix


2. Scope 


2.1 This policy adopts the procedural recommendations of the LA to all schools.  


2.2 It is vital that measures described in this guidance are applied thoroughly whenever someone is recruited to work in our school. This is not only people who regularly come into contact with children or are responsible for children, but who regularly work in a setting where nevertheless, they will be seen as safe and trustworthy because of their regular presence.   


2.3 The Local Authority will not accept liability for any actions, claims, costs or expenses arising out of a school’s decision not to follow this recommended policy or procedure, where it is found that the school’s Governing Body has been negligent or has acted in an unfair or discriminatory manner.  


3 The Policy 

3.1 This policy and procedure has been designed by the LA to provide detailed guidance to schools to develop and maintain high standards of professional and effective recruitment practice. 


3.2 The policy guides schools in planning, monitoring and carefully undertaking recruitment. 


3.3 Cerne Abbas CE VC First School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people in its recruitment practice and expects all school based employees and volunteers to share this commitment.  


3.4 Good practice and equality of opportunity are integral to Cerne Abbas CE VC First School recruitment and selection processes.  Recruitment and selection in Cerne Abbas CE VC First School shall always be approached in a fair, consistent, equitable, transparent and effective manner, with due regard for Equal Opportunities legislation. 


3.5 In cases of redundancy and redeployment, alternative recruitment practices will apply.   



4 Guiding principles 


4.1Guiding principles, which reflect good employment practice and appropriate employment legislation, are the minimum principles established by the county council, in consultation with Headteachers and the recognised Trade Unions and Professional Associations. These principles must be observed in recruitment and selection in our school.   


4.2 These principles are highlighted as key steps in the following procedure summary. 



4.3 These principles should be viewed as minimum ‘must dos’ designed to assist schools in making sound, informed employment decisions.  The standards ensure implementation of measures to safeguard children.  


4.4 Schools may introduce further standards, providing they do not conflict with these essential requirements.  


5 Responsibilities 


5.1 The Headteacher and the Cerne Abbas CE VC First School Governing Body will be responsible for the management and implementation of this policy. 


5.2 They will ensure that managers involved in recruitment and selection in Cerne Abbas CE VC First School are aware of their responsibilities within this policy. 


5.3 The Governing Body will ensure that at least one person on an interview panel has received Safer Recruitment training in accordance with the School Staffing (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013.




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