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Greek pots 2.6.15

It has been nice to have a week this week that has been back to normal….well as normal as it can be this close to the end of the school year!!! The children have been writing their Greek Myths, this has been tricky as we planned and prepared our Myth so long ago, so it took us a little time to remember our characters and the events that were going to happen in our Myths. We have been very considerate and conscientious.


In topic we have researched and explored Greek pots, their shapes and designs, discovering that a lot of Ancient Greek pots had scenes of everyday life on them. The children then designed their own with a scene from their everyday life on it. Yesterday, we learnt the coil method for making a pot and then had a go ourselves. We were confident and conscientious learners, not giving up and everyone having ago. It was amazing to see all the different shapes and sizes of our pots, they all look brilliant, come and see them drying on our window sills.

This week was transfer week, it was exciting to meet the new Abbey class, and we had lots of fun. The year 4’s, with much excitement, received their buddy letters before going off on their day to DMS.

It has been such a hot week we decided to spend some time learning outside in the peace garden, we took our books out and had a read. Most of us found it really relaxing and enjoyed the fresh air, as well as our reading book!!

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