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Visit to Jess at Cerne Wildlife Rescue 12.12.22

This afternoon we went to visit Jess and her wildlife rescue centre. She showed us around her outdoor enclosure first and we hunted for soft toy versions of the animals she most often cares for. We found hedgehogs, a pigeon, seagull, pheasant and even a frog! Jess then showed us inside her rescue centre in her garage. We sat together on cushions and blankets as Jess explained the main things she has to do when caring for a poorly animal. First she has to check if it needs any medicine or needs to go to the vet. Sometimes animals can have cuts or broken wings and need a vet to check them over. Jess also has to give them food and water. Most of the animals that come to her are very thirsty or hungry. Sometimes they don't like to drink so they need some help using a syringe. Jess also has to make sure they are warm. She has a special incubator that is like a warm box but also keeps her patients warm with blankets, hot water bottles and specially made 'snuggle bags' (sleeping bag for animals). She also has to make sure they feel safe and happy. She ensures she offers the right sort of bed and even sometimes toys such as tubes to keep the animals happy.
We also sat cosily in her house snuggled in blankets reading a story about two runaway hedgehogs that went on an unexpected adventure!


We've had a lovely afternoon and have learnt lots about the sorts of animals and wildlife that might need our help especially as it is so cold outside at the moment. The children have brought home a contact card for Jess and have been encouraged to keep looking out for any poorly animals this Christmas and to get in touch with her if they need her help. Next time Jess has a poorly patient she might even bring it in to school so we can see first hand how she cares for it and what she does to make it better.

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