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Charging and Remissions Policy

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Cerne Abbas CE VC First School

Charging & Remissions Policy


Date of policySpring Term 2024
Date reviewed by the Governing Body/Committee26.01.2024 - FR&E  committee
Member of staff responsible in Cerne Abbas CE VC First SchoolAlex Ryan
Review dateSpring Term 2025


Governors Policy on Charging and Remission of Charges for School Activities.

Separate Policy for Ducklings Nursery charges


January 2024




The Governing Body reserves the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the school:


  1. School Journeys - During term time, a voluntary contribution towards all class trips and topic captures organised by the school.  If these contributions do not cover the cost of the trip, the school reserves the right to cancel the outing.
  2. Activities including Year 4 – two night residential stay and out of hours activities.
  3. Charging in kind – The cost of materials, ingredients, equipment (or the provision of them by parents) for practical subjects where the parents indicate in advance that they or their child wish to own the finished product.
  4. Under Optional extras a charge may be made for After School Clubs to cover the cost of non-teaching staff and/or resources.
  5. Outside agencies providing after school clubs will be asked to donate a percentage of their takings in relation to the cost of building and heating costs.  (to be decided on an individual basis by the Headteacher and Finance and Business Manager)
  6. Damage or loss of equipment – The cost of, or a contribution towards any equipment where its damage or loss is caused by a pupil’s behaviour.  This will be at the discretion of the Headteacher.




The Governing Body, may from time to time amend the categories of activity for which a charge is made.  Nothing in this policy statement precludes the Governing Body from inviting parents to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of providing education for the pupils.  Voluntary contributions will be sought for activities during school time when the cost of these activities is not met by the Education Authority.  If the contributions received do not cover the cost of arranging the activity it may have to be cancelled.  Failure to contribute, however, would not in itself prevent a pupil from participating in an activity.




The Governors are willing to assist families who have difficulty in meeting the costs of the above.  Pupil Premium children’s activities will be funded by the school when required.  Each application to the Governors for remission of charges will be considered carefully and in strictest confidence.  Parents should discuss the matter first with the Headteacher or Business Manager.




When reviewing this policy it would be sensible to ask the teaching staff and Governors whether the policy is being implemented, and whether it is effective in achieving its objectives.



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