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Friendships During Lockdown 20.4.20

For your Collective Worship at home this week think about our value of Friendship and how it is important to stay connected with your friends even though we are not able to play with them at this time. 


Good friend are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always there 



Can you think of different ways that you can keep in touch with your friends during your time at home?


Here are some ideas;

  • chat on line or by using Face Time
  • share a simple biscuit recipe with your friend, both make the biscuits and then eat one together and share a story together using Face Time.
  • paint each other a picture, or make each other a friendship band and show it to one another during Face Time.



Dear Lord Jesus

You have shown us through the Bible that you want to be woven into our lives as our friend.

Thank you we can still talk and share things with our friends and thank you that we can also talk to you anytime because you are even closer to us.





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