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Our Night Walk 29.11.22

This evening we went on a 'Night Walk' in the village. We were guided by a member of the community and local wildlife enthusiast Robin Mills. We started our evening in the cosy warm with hot chocolate and a biscuit! Robin then talked to us about what we might experience on our walk and how important it is to stop, listen and notice. He played us some different night calls...some of which we could recognise! A fox, hedgehog and owl. We hoped we would hear a barn owl on our walk!


We then set off, armed with torches and walking with our grown ups. At regular points of our walk we stopped and gathered as a group so Robin could show us something or encourage us to stop and listen. When we turned our torches off we noticed how our eyes adjusted to the dark and we could see more.


Robin pointed out a moorhen floating on the pond, tracks in the grass and even a patch of mud where a badger had been digging! We finished off looking inside the large pond in Robin's garden- some of us lucky enough to spot a small newt hiding under the leaves! 


It was a very exciting to be out and exploring at night time. We hope the experience has helped us learn more about night time creatures but also how to notice and look for signs of creatures and wildlife around us. 


Thank you very much Robin! 

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