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Forest school 25.09.14

A really exciting learning week. On Tuesday we posed some questions to ourselves about rivers, and then answered them by researching on the internet and in books, learning to take notes. The children will be using these notes to write an explanation text in Literacy.
We then answered a question that lots of us have asked since we started our local study topic, where does the river Cerne start and end? The children used Google maps on both the computers and the new windows tablets we have to find out, by following the river from Cerne. We discovered that the river starts in Minterne Magna, and is joined by a tributary from UpCerne. We learnt that the source for our river is a spring, and then we visited a spring in Cerne and followed it through the village, discovering that it was also a tributary of the river Cerne.
Yesterday we had a forest school day. We were very fortunate to have forest school at a local Iron Age settlement, called Smacam, on Mr and Mrs Gallia’s land. We got a tractor ride from Mr Horsington up to it, which was a lot of fun, and saved us a big climb.

When we arrived, it first looked like a lot of off bumps in the ground and a cosy camp that Maddy had set up for us. However, with Mr Gallia’s help, the bumps came to life as an Iron age round house with a door, fences surrounding a garden, and smaller ones making up fields, and a burial ground. It was so exciting, and amazing for the children to learn that you can see Iron Age life throughout Dorset countryside.
With Maddy, and Eleanor, we learnt more about Iron Age life. We learnt to forage for berries, cook fish, make an axe head, clay pots and cord. Some of us even had a go at trying to light a fire as they would have done, using a bow drill- it was difficult, and the children were such co-operative learners in trying. We also had some storytelling, and learnt some Iron Age stories, and beliefs and festivals. It was a brilliant day and we all learnt so much about Iron Age life in Cerne.

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