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Learning about Picasso 11.10.22

This week we have been learning more about Picasso and his artwork. We have been learning about the different styles, colours and paintings/sculptures he created.

On our welly walk we collected various natural objects to use to create our own pictures. Some children created faces, thinking carefully about which leaves/sticks/stones could be used for eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Some children created larger sculptures such as bird nests using piles of sticks and leaves. Some children made unicorns and their favourite animals. It was lovely to see the children being creative and using natural objects in their own way. 


We have also been creating our own Picasso style portraits using oil pastels. We have been looking closely at the proportions of the face and noticing how far down the face our eyes are. We have been thinking about the shape of the face and what the nose and mouth look like. We have also been looking closely at our eyes and noticing they are not circular but a lemon shape. Inside there is a coloured iris and right in the middle a small black pupil.


Picasso liked to experiment with different ways of creating portraits. Sometimes his portraits look a bit like a puzzle. Once we had drawn our portraits, we cut them into pieces and reassembled them to make our own puzzle faces like Picasso's paintings.


We also thought about what makes up our own special puzzle. We chose puzzle pieces out of a bag and built Miss Stephens face. As we built her face, we read each piece of the puzzle. Her pieces were; family, her dog, her job as a teacher, enjoying baking, being with her friends and enjoying being outside. When we created our own Picasso puzzle portrait we thought about the pieces of our own puzzles. We thought about what makes me, me and what is special about me. 


We are looking forward to sharing our Picasso style portraits with our parents and carers and our 'Great Works' ceremony next week.

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