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Trendle Class

Welcome to Year 1/2 - Trendle Class.

Every week Mrs Cain will be sharing the learning by adding an entry to our Trendle Class Blog. This will be a few lines, a couple of pictures, a video or possibly some of their learning! We hope this will give you even more insight into what your child learns when in our care.


In This Section...

Autumn 2

Peace at Night Time

Autumn 1

Food, Farming and Friendship.

Summer 2

Ships Ahoy!

Summer 1


Spring 2

Toys Through the Ages

Spring 1

Polar Regions

Autumn 2

Knights and Castles

Autumn 1

Marvellous Me

Summer 2

Oh,  We do like to be beside the Seaside!

Summer 1


Spring 2 2018

Magical Measuring Maths

Spring 1 2018

The Great Fire of London

Autumn 2 2017

Night Time

Autumn 1 2017

Food and Farming

Summer 2017

Ships Ahoy

Learning Outline - Ships Ahoy 2017

Medium Term Plan - Ships Ahoy


The Rainforest

Learning Outline Rainforests 2017

Medium Term Plan - Rainforests


Toys Through the Ages

Polar Explorers


Knights and Castles

Marvellous Me

Year 2015-2016

A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

Useful Information