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Trendle Class

Welcome to Year 1/2 - Trendle Class.

Mrs Brown will be sharing her class's learning through Tapestry however occasionally an entry will be added  to this Trendle Class Page. This could be a few lines, a couple of pictures, a video or possibly some of their learning! We hope this will give you even more insight into what your child learns when in our care.


In This Section...

Autumn 1 Topic

What makes me, me?

Here is our Learning Letter and Knowledge and Skills Organiser

Trendle Timetable

Parent Information Workshop 12.9.22

Here are a few topic images ...

Leonora came to teach us about close observation and colour mixing. Here are a selection if our before and after paintings. Look how much we've improved!

How can we show friendship at the seaside?

Here is our Learning Letter and Knowledge and Skills Organiser

Here is our Summer 2 Timetable 


Weymouth Museum Visit

History of our School Day

Trip to Weymouth Beach to investigate seaside holidays of the past

We’ve had a fantastic day today! We went on a photo hunt using modern and photographs taken in the past of Weymouth to identify similarities and differences between seaside holidays now and in the past. We saw a bathing machine which was used by Victorians to take them into the sea to bathe and looked at the jubilee clock which commemorates Queen Victoria’s jubilee. The children went on the carousel which Victorians would have also enjoyed. The children had a lovely shady lunch then an ice cream / lolly for pudding. The children loved playing in the sand and most got pretty wet splashing in the sea! We also had a safety talk from the RNLI lifeguards. On the way back to the bus, we looked at the fantastic sand sculpture of the Queen. 
I’m sure the children will be tired tonight… it’s been a busy day. They all represented the school and themselves so well. We had a number of people stop to ask what they were doing and whether they were having a good day.

Year 1 Science Enrichment at Thomas Hardye School - 7th June


We have had THE best trip to Thomas Hardye for our Science Enrichment trip. Miss Penguilly was so inspiring! We pretended we were going to the moon and made our own rockets which launched into the air. She showed us how rocket fuel worked which created a huge explosion. We then became detectives to see which planet we landed on, she did this by spraying different solutions into a clear flame. The flame changed colour depending on which planet we were on. We then made slime! Miss Penguilly then did and experiment mixing two cold liquids which reacted and foam shot up towards the ceiling (and stained the wall!). Later, she told us that we had ru n out of fuel so had to use a jelly baby to power the rocket! She melted a powder and popped in the jelly baby which immediately furiously burnt.
The children were so enthusiastic and full of knowledge... words from the children are...
ace...amazing....Best day ever...epic!

Thank you so much to our parent helpers for transporting children. We would not have been able to go without them.


Parents, please check Tapestry for full set of photos and videos.

Here are some topic images …

Summer 1 Over the Peaceful Sea to France

Sur la Mer Paisible Ters la France

Here are our Learning Letter and Knowledge and Skills Organiser (to follow)

Here is our timetable

Here are some images linked to our topic...

Spring 2 Cerne Abbas - Friendship All Around Us

Here are our Learning Letter and Knowledge and Skills Organiser

Knowledge and Skills Organiser

We are proud of our links to the community and are excited to explore Cerne Abbas further.

We are going to explore the local area and compare to a village in Kenya. Our first text in English is going to focus on the text 'The Smartest Giant in Town' as we have our very own giant in Cerne Abbas and we are going to find out about local artists living and working in our area amongst lots of other curriculum activities.

Here are some images linked to our topic...

Spring 1 The Great Fire of London

Trusting why this won't happen again

Here are our Knowledge and Skills Organiser and Learning Letter

Weekly Timetable

Did you know that there was a great fire in Dorchester in 1613?

On Tuesday 11th January we went on a trip to Shire Hall in Dorchester to learn all about the Great Fire of Dorchester.

Here are some images linked to our topic

Autumn 2 Peace at Night Time

Here are the Learning Letter and Knowledge and Skills Organiser for our new topic

Knowledge and Skills Organiser Peace at Night Time Autumn 2

Learning Letter Peace at Night Time Autumn 2

Here are some images linked with our new topic...

Here are our Van Gogh's Starry Night Inspired Art

Autumn Term 1 Food, Farming and Friendship

Here are the Learning Letter and Knowledge and Skills Organiser for our topic

Here is our topic so far...

Autumn Term Timetable

Welcome back to school after the summer break.

I hope you all had a wonderful time!


Our first topic is Farming, Food and Friendship

This is a geography and science based topic looking at the countries in the UK, continents and oceans. In Science, we are looking at plants.


Here is a link to a BBC Bitesize video on what plants need to grow.


What does a plant need to grow? - BBC Bitesize



Summer 2 Knights and Castles – can we trust a Knight?

Knowledge and Skills Organiser and Summer 2 Learning Letter

Summer 1 Pirates Friends or Foes?

Spring 2 - Are animals at peace in the rainforest?

Here is our Learning Letter and Knowledge and Skills Organiser

We are going to be learning how to print within our art learning this half term.

Spring 1 Polar Explorers – was Captain Scott a trustworthy leader?

This half term some of us will be learning at home and some of us will be learning at school although we are all following exactly the same curriculum.


Animals of the Arctic and Antarctic

Do you think that penguins and polar bears hunt together? Research Arctic and Antarctic animals and use a map to locate the Arctic and Antarctica...I'll be interested what you find out!

Map of the Arctic and Antarctica

Here are some photos of our learning

Autumn 2 - Toys through the ages –considering friendship through playing.


Our new topic is ‘Toys Through the Ages’. We will be focussing in the value of friendship. Through our topic, we will be looking at the history of toys through the ages and within science, we will be investigating different materials.


Shire Hall Trip to Investigate Old Toys

Autumn 1 

Being at Peace with Marvellous Me.

Summer Holiday Maths Catch-up Learning

Summer 1 

Across the Sea to France!

Spring 2

Fairy Tale Friendships!

Spring 1

The Great Fire of London

Autumn 2

Peace at Night Time

Autumn 1

Food, Farming and Friendship.

Summer 2

Ships Ahoy!

Summer 1


Spring 2

Toys Through the Ages

Spring 1

Polar Regions

Autumn 2

Knights and Castles

Autumn 1

Marvellous Me

Summer 2

Oh,  We do like to be beside the Seaside!

Summer 1


Spring 2 2018

Magical Measuring Maths

Spring 1 2018

The Great Fire of London

Autumn 2 2017

Night Time

Autumn 1 2017

Food and Farming

Summer 2017

Ships Ahoy

Learning Outline - Ships Ahoy 2017

Medium Term Plan - Ships Ahoy


The Rainforest

Learning Outline Rainforests 2017

Medium Term Plan - Rainforests


Toys Through the Ages

Polar Explorers


Knights and Castles

Marvellous Me

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