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Celebrating British Science Week 15.3.24

This week has been Science Week. We started with a whizz, pop and bang assembly led by Kate from Fun Science Dorset. The theme is ‘Time’ and children were mesmerised by the liquids changing colour, the stoppers popping violently off the test tubes and the ‘volcanic eruption’.


We have been learning about the four seasons and in Giant class the children have made their own ‘Seasons Wheel’- reflecting upon their favourite season and why. We also enjoyed hunting for signs of spring in the Peace Garden; noticing lots of lovely daffodils, hyacinths and colourful spring flowers.


We have also been thinking about how we have changed since we were a baby and played a fun game of ‘Guess the baby’- attempting to match the baby photo to each child! This was actually quite tricky as the children had all changed so much! We talk about how they will grow up into older children just like our Trendle and Abbey children, then later into teenagers and eventually adults like their grown ups at home!

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