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School Council

We are the school council representatives for 2022-23:

Cerne Abbas CE VC First School Council 

Mission Statement 


We want to make the school a better place to learn and make sure that all children feel safe and happy. We want to give every child in our school a voice and listen to their ideas. We want our school to be a friendly place where children try their best and follow all our values. 

We are a family and we love learning together.

Our School Council 


We have a very active School Council at Cerne Abbas CE VC First School.


School Councillors are elected by their class peers once a year. There are two representatives from Trendle and two from Abbey. 


The School Council meet at least twice per half term and their main purposes are:

  • to enable all children in the school to have a voice and to be listened to and taken seriously;
  • to improve all aspects of life at Cerne Abbas CE VC First School for all members of the school community;
  • to help children understand that good citizenship requires active participation from all members of the community. This is a lesson for life, not just for school!


School Council Achievements


Over the past few years, the School Council has:


  • made numerous decisions about fund raising for a range of worthwhile causes in the UK and around the world, in particular our school linked charity Heart Response;
  • inspired children in the school to support and donate shoebox Christmas presents to send to children in Romania through the charity Heart Response. 
  • improved the number and range of extra-curricular clubs on offer to pupils at the school.
  • written a persuasive letter to convince the local government that solar panels would be extremely beneficial to our school and the environment. 




A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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