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Mental Health and Wellbeing Vision Statement


Mental Health and Wellbeing within Cerne Abbas CE VC First School

We acknowledge that, whilst we come at it from unique perspectives, mental health and wellbeing is of central importance and intrinsic to our lives.

We believe having a mentally healthy community is not about being happy all the time, but about working together through the challenges and sharing the celebrations; feeling supported, heard, accepted, valued and empowered.


What we believe Mental Health and Wellbeing looks like for our school community


  • Cerne Abbas CE VC school community is responsive and flexible to everybody’s needs. We are a Christian led school where our values of friendship, peace, trust, forgiveness, courage and joy lead our conduct.
  • We feel safe and are able to express how we feel without feeling judged. We acknowledge that a ‘voice’ comes in many forms, not just spoken and we seek to understand each other.
  • We are able to seek help and receive and use strategies when feeling and dealing with difficult emotions.
  • We know there is a spectrum of emotions and mental health, and that this can change at different times and situations.
  • We acknowledge that mental health and wellbeing is a shared experience: Sometimes we are the ones who need shelter and at other times we are the ones holding the umbrella.


We will strive to create an environment that has a whole school approach, in providing excellent mental health support, understanding and intervention. We will put Wellbeing at the heart of our school to ensure successful learning, and commit to our policies reflecting this practice.


A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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