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Statement of Behaviour Principles




Statement of Behaviour Principles


Cerne Abbas CE VC First School is a Church School supported by the Salisbury Diocese Board of Education. Christian principles of good behaviour inform the School’s expectation of the way in which staff and pupils interact. The whole school community – staff, children, parents and governors have chosen three Christian aspects of good living - friendship, trust and peace, and use them as prime guiding values for behaviour. These illuminate the Christian character of the school


‘Our vision is to be the best that we can be.’


‘We are committed to nurturing every child allowing it to thrive in a safe and engaging environment based on our Christian values. We strive to develop happy and confident learners ready to face the changes of their next steps.’


Maintaining good behaviour will be integral to the School vision and Mission statement and the Head Teacher supported by the Governing Body will ensure that Cerne Abbas CE VC School will apply the following principles:


1. The school will be a happy place where children enjoy learning and are encouraged to be confident and industrious individuals celebrating the development of their traits and personalities.

2. The School will be maintained as a safe place for learning. There are comprehensive policies for the Safe recruitment of staff, for e-safety and for managing visitors to the school which will always be followed. Staff will be vigilant in noting and reporting any anxieties that they may have about safety in relation to a child, to a staff member, to a visitor or to the school environment.

3. Staff will uphold the ethos of the School and demonstrate the chosen core values (friendship, trust, peace) by the manner in which they conduct themselves and their lessons.

4. The School will function inclusively with due care taken to involve parents in the professional assessments of their children and the recommended strategies to optimise learning progress. Parents and carers will be encouraged to help their child’s education. 5. Complaints from any source will be reported to the Head Teacher and dealt with according to the school Complaints policy.

6. Staff and pupils alike will have equal opportunities for learning and self improvement regardless of race, gender or disability.

7. The delivery of the curriculum will uphold Christian values and include respect for others and their learning needs. Pupils will be encouraged to make assessments of their own work and to be open and honest about mistakes without embarrassment. Learning from mistakes will be celebrated equally with achievement. Progress will be rewarded.

8. Staff will be willing and able to offer reasoned explanations for school rules and regulations.

9. Bad behaviour will be managed calmly and the impact of bad behaviour on others and on the learning environment discussed with the child. There will be an agreed policy for the punishment of persistent bad behaviour which is delivered with consistency and fairness. In extreme cases of bad behaviour where there is danger of physical injury, the School has a policy for the Use of Reasonable Force to restrain a child.

10. Exclusion of pupils on the grounds of bad behaviour will be strenuously avoided and only used as a last resort.

11. The child voice will always be listened to both individually and collectively.

12. The staff will support and assist a child-led School Forum.

13. Bullying, verbal or physical, will not be tolerated and will always be fully investigated and dealt with appropriately

A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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