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Making Time for Each Other 11.5.20

This week we are thinking about the way that our friendships are strengthened by spending time with each other. This, at the moment, can be done through Facetime and phone calls.



Look at this picture by the artist He Qi.

What do you think the man and the two women are doing in the picture? How do you think they might be feeling?                                                           


He Qi has painted a picture that shows the time when Jesus went to the house of a  family who had shown him kindness and friendship. In this family there was a brother, Lazarus and two sisters Mary and Martha. 



Go to the 'Children' Tab and then scroll down to 'Video Resource Centre' to hear Mrs Cresswell tell the story.



Place your hands in your lap as you sit with your back straight. Try to be as still as you can.

close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a room with Jesus.

What do you think he might say to you?

What would you like to ask him?

Leave children time to reflect.




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