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Meet the Staff

Meet the staff at our school.

Meet the staff at our school.



Catherine Cresswell


Safeguarding Lead

Georgia Trent

Abbey Class (Years 3 and 4)

Heather Stephens

Giant Class (EYFS Leader)

Angela Brown

Trendle Class

(Year 1 & 2)

Jenny Ferguson

Specialist French Provision


Kerry Nottley-Williams

Trendle Class TA/

PE Co-Ordinator /

Olivia PageAbbey Class TA


Beverley Parry

Wave 3 TA

Alex Ryan

Finance and Business Manager

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Andrea Schafer

 Office Manager

Outdoor Visits Coordinator

ELSA           First Aider

Clerk to Governors


Bernie Edwards


Site Manager


Louise Tite


Ducklings Key Worker



Hannah HerbertChildcare Supervisor


Amy Carter


Lunchtime Supervisor


Amanda Sullivan


Ducklings Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisor

Angela AtkinLunchtime Supervisor
Steve TreblePE Instructor




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