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Maths MATTERS 03.04.14

Maths MATTERS week.

We started the week with our learning exposure for our topic 'Amazing Animals.' Our topic included learning about us as humans. The children set up 6 experiments to compare the adults that came to the exposure, looking at how big their hands were, how tall they were, how far they could jump, etc. We thank you for joining in and the children learnt how to think of a hypothesis, test it and present their results.
This week has all been about applying our maths skills to real world problems. We have learnt about money, how we read different amounts and how it is written, the decimal place in the context of money and giving change from different amounts. Some children looked at percentages, and worked out the actual cost of a cupcake or cookie so that we would know that we were selling at a profit rather than a loss.

The children learnt to read different scales accurately so that they could measure ingredients accurately. The children had a special visitor to help them bake- the OTHER Miss Clifford, she really enjoyed her day with the children and the children showed her how they are all the C’s in their learning.
The children learnt about Fair Trade products; they compared prices with non-fair trade, then learnt about the benefits for farmers using Fair Trade products and the importance of thinking about how our money can help the world. We designed new fair trade logos, made posters and baked with fair trade products.
All our learning came together in us selling the cakes and cookies we have made at the school Fair Trade bake sale. We have raised lots of money and decided to give the money to guide dogs for the blind.

The children ended the term being such confident learners in our spring assembly performing their Easter rap. They have been so conscientious in learning all the words and it was brilliant watching them in the church.
I hope you all have a super Easter Holiday. Thank you for all your support this term and I look forward to seeing you after the holiday.

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