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SOUND 11.6.15

This week we have been focusing on our topic in Science, SOUND.


We spent time playing instruments, working out how you make sound on them and what it feels like (we decided that sound feels like vibrations). We then observed what happens to those vibrations when the sound gets louder and louder- they get bigger and bigger! We then watched a really cool clip of a recording inside a guitar, we observed that the low the sound the further apart the waves were on the strings and the higher the pitch of sound the closer together ther waves were on the string. See if we can still tell you what we learnt about sound.

After learning about sound lots of us had a question- how do we hear sound then? We really wanted to find out, so we looked it up and learnt all about the inside of our ear.



In History this week we have been researching all the questions we have about Greek life so that we can put on our own Ancient Greek day. Did you know that the Greeks ate with their hands, and pet monkeys were common? We didn't but they are a few facts that we discovered.

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