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Forest school- smuggling skills. 18.11.15

Today we had a forest school day and practiced some of our smuggling skills.


We started by playing a team work game, playing as smugglers and law officers. The law officers had to try and get the smuggled goods from the smugglers without being caught by them, and the smugglers had to try and get their loot back from the law officers. We had to really think about our values to play this game.


We practiced a skill that any smuggler would have been very skilled at- Knots. We learnt how to complete a clove hitch knot, and practiced it by binding twigs together to make a raft. It was difficult and tricky, we had to be really conscientious.

We also wrote secret messages to each other using lemon juice, and rolled tobacco leaves together to make rope- just like the smugglers did!


In the afternoon we thought about how smugglers moved their goods and found out the different ways smugglers hid their goods. We thought about how we might hide and smuggler something, then designed and started making our own objects with secret compartments to hide something in. 

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