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Week 4 - Maths Week!

Maths Week. Here is what Abbey Class got up to during the week (Monday to Thursday. Friday was a snow day!!)


- Daily mental maths starters to stimulate the brain!

- Maths Café - The children learnt about adding money and then the Year 4 children were in charge of selling the food. Abbey class raised over £6 in profit which they decided would go towards our school charity, Heart response. A lovely gesture by them!

- Edited and wrote the first draft of our persuasive texts (A WW1 poster persuading men to join the army!)

- Read more of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'

- Learnt about Wassily Kandinsky and created our very own concentric circles. Results of this are in Learning Lane!

- Had a very special worship based on the topic of money led by Jonathan.

- Played 'Who wants to be a Mathematician' - The children loved it!


And much, much more!


Have a great weekend, Mr M

Maths week! Here is what the children got up to Monday to Thursday (Friday was a snow day!)

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