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Celtic crosses 17.10.14

 This week we have been doing lots of great learning in the classroom.
In maths the children have been really conscientious and confident in using money, we have been finding amounts of money, and giving change by adding on… just like Mrs Price does when she works in the shop!
In topic we have been looking at how the Iron Age influences our culture today. We looked at the Celtic cross, and were amazed at how long it has been around. We all drew our own Celtic crosses. It was really tricky learning and we had to concentrate a lot, and practice, but we did not give up, and we now have some beautiful big Celtic crosses to show you next week.
We have also planned what we want to learn in our next topic- What did the Romans do for us? We used a great new website called Padlet, which allowed to share what we already know, and what we want to know with our classmates.
If you would like to see what we already know visit- To see what we want to know please visit
Today we finished of our learning on teeth, by looking at the importance of brushing our teeth, and how we should brush our teeth. See our results. We have learnt, that for our teeth to be protected properly, we need to not only brush our teeth, but do it well!

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