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Values Week 19.4.13

We have had an amazing week to begin the Summer term. The children have been considering their ‘C Values’ with some interesting and exciting learning.
It began on Monday with inspiration from the assembly ‘Open the book’ team, followed by considering how the story of David and Goliath portrayed the values that we follow in DASP.
On Tuesday we began our creations which showed a key value in an imaginative way. The children have produced some marvelous pieces of work demonstating their good ICT skills and creative and artistic learning.
Wednesday was a real treat with DMS children leading us to share their values. It was great to see all the students, especially Isabella and Oliver, past Cerne children, who have become real role models now they are in year 6 and 7.
Then on Thursday we were all educated by Jonathan our local Vicar, a Muslim leader called Abid and Angela who is a Humanist. The children all asked searching questions and were able to be courteous, confident, communicative, caring, considerate, co-operative and conscientious.
Finally the children were entertained by Terry Lawton, the Christian illusionist, who through his clever tricks, related choices made in the Bible to the ones they would have to make in life.

A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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