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Carey Camp 7.06.13

Year 4 had a great experience at Carey Outdoor Education Centre this week.
The traverse wall tested our climbing and co-operative skills with Cheselbourne School.
Later we filmed our adventure story about the “Curse of the Demon Squirrel!” where we were communicative using our photographic abilities.
On Wednesday evening Year 4 teamed up with other Schools at Carey to play football, rounders and hockey.
Thursday began with the delightful South Carey Walk. The sun shone and we were lucky enough to see a wild rabbit, stunning views and a tree that had been struck by lightning.
We were ready for our lunch by then and worked with new friends to produce a balanced meal with trangia stoves. We used food from different food groups – protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Next we were challenged by balancing on the low ropes. We had spotters to encourage and support us as we became more confident.
That evening at the camp fire we sang our Australian songs: Kookaburra and Eucalyptus.First we sang to the other children and then asked them to join in with us and sing Eucalyptus as a round.
On Friday, our final morning, sadly it was raining so we did pictionary, water colours, Carey posters and games in the classrooms.
We had a fantastic time and would like to thank Mrs Crisford (her last one), Miss Nottley, Charlie Dale and Gill and Chris Copson for helping us enjoy our time.

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