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Naughty Normans

I hope you had a great Easter holiday and enjoyed the weather that we had.

We have had a lovely start to them term with a short week and an exciting capture day today learning lots about the Normans. 
The children looked amazing in their costumes, so thank you for all the effort you put into making them.

We started the day exploring what we already know about the Normans, and then how we can find out about them. The children had different artefacts to explore And discuss who they thought they belonged to.
The children then learnt a little about Norman castles, and in teams, made a Norman castle with walls, a keep, a motte, a gate, a palisade.  The children co-operated really well to achieve their castle and did a great job.
Before lunch the children took part in Norman drill with shields. They learnt to match in a line, charge, and shout like a Norman soldier!
In the afternoon we played Norman games, watched the re-enactors re-enactor a battle and completed a quiz to see who had learnt the most!!
A real variety of activities, and a fantastic interactive day in which we learnt a lot.

A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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