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Exploring the River Cerne 28.11.13

This week the children have had a Forest School day, where they learnt all about their local river, the River Cerne.
We started with a cup of hot chocolate around the Forest School fire to discuss our prior knowledge and the plans for the day.
The children then split into two groups to learn about the human uses of the river, and the wildlife that can be found.

When looking for wildlife, the children used nets to collect specimens and then studied them in containers, identifying them, and collecting data. They did this in two different parts of the river so that they can then compare and contrast what wildlife they found.
When looking for human uses the children learnt about the history of the river, who used it, and how it was used. We discovered that the Anglo Saxon monks diverted the river to make reservoirs and fish ponds, and to carry their waste away. The Georgians used it for powering their tools to grind corn and in the process of tanning. We discovered along the river clues of these historical uses and discussed how and why they took place.

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