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Reflective day-the nativity 25.11.15

Our very first reflection day focused on the beginning of advent and the story of the nativity.


We started our day altogether in a worship, learning the story of the nativity and the important people part of the story. We then split into our teams and completed activities focusing on different parts of the story.


With Mrs Dalgleish we learnt about the importance of the angels in the story as messengers of god. We then got to design and make our own angels.


With Miss Cook we hot seated Mary and Joseph and then drew , painted or created on the computer the nativity tableau.


In Mrs  Mattison’s class we learnt about the Journey of the kings and thought about what they might have seen on their long journey before they reached King Herod’s castle and then the stable.  We drew a map of the journey the kings might have taken, drawing all the parts of the journey that we thought were important.


At the end of the day we all came together to share what we had learnt and reflect on who we thought was most important in the story and why.


A very good day which we will reflect upon in our reflective journal tomorrow.

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