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Anglo-Saxon shields 27.9.13

This week we have really been getting into the routine of our learning.

The children have guided reading every morning and have been brilliant at coming into the classroom ready to learn and being so conscientious when working independently.

In Literacy we have been learning about Viking Myths this week. The children have enjoyed lots of speaking and listening tasks; they have been learning to orally re-tell Myths, as well as acting them out. Through doing this we have identified the key events we would like in our own Myth which we will begin to write next week.

The children will have an extended writing or a problem solving session each week. This week the children were given a problem solving activity. Some of them commented that it was really difficult and wanted to give up, but they were really conscientious and confident learners and kept going- I was very proud of them all. I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Absalom who has kindly volunteered his time to come in each week to support us with these sessions.

Last week in Art and Design we researched the Staffordshire hoard (an Anglo-Saxon hoard of gold Artefacts found in 2009) and used the intricate designs that we observed on the artefacts to design a decoration for our own shields.
This week we researched Anglo-Saxon shields in information books to learn how they were made, what materials they used, and what designs they created. We found out that they mostly used the colours red, black, blue, white and yellow and that the most common designs were simple crosses or derivations of sun wheels or segments. We also found that some Anglo-Saxon shields have been found with ornate silver and gold work applied to them, like the one found in the Staffordshire hoard.
Here are our Anglo-Saxon shields.
We used aluminium foil to copy our intricate designs from last week, using a blunt pencil to draw on the design. This created an embossed design which we then rubbed paint into to make the design stand out. We shall add these decorations to our shields next week.
I would like to say a big thank you from the class to Mr Christian who provided the stiff card and cut out the shields for us.

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