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Animals are great fun! 27.03.14

This week has been full of animals!! In Literacy Miss G brought her bearded dragons in to show. She taught us lots of interesting facts about them and how to look after them. Some of us then decided to hold them and feel what they were like. They were amazing creatures and really inspired us to write a very descriptive opening to our story using lots of similes, metaphors and powerful adjectives.

Mrs G also brought in her hermit crabs for us to look at and hold.
Mrs Moore came to talk to us about her job as a vet. She brought in specimens of different worms that can make our pets very poorly if we do not look after them properly. She also showed us lots of x-rays of different animals, talked about their bones and how they fix them.
In science the children completed their experiment into the effects of different drinks on teeth. Many of the children were shocked at the damage that apple and orange juice had done to their eggs shells, particularly as they thought that fruit juice is a really healthy drink. We concluded that water and milk were best to drink for your teeth, and whilst we should not drink them all the time, fizzy drinks and juice should not be drunk so often.
In PE the children completed the pro-kick challenge, where all children had to hit the ball as hard as they could and the speed of the ball was measured. With the encouragement of the children, the teachers had a go as well!!
In design technology the children had a chance to make their healthy sandwiches that they had designed and evaluate how the tasted, what they looked like and how healthy they were. The children knew that the bread made up the carbohydrate that they need in their diet, and then they chose ingredients to ensure they also had vegetables, protein and fat in their diet to ensure that sandwich covered all the main food groups.

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