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Rocks and Soils. 22.05.14

We have ended this term and our topic with a whole science day on rocks and soil. We were engineers to William the conqueror and had to investigate which rock was best to build his keep out of.

The children spent the morning either researching fossils on the internet and from books or learning about the three different types of rocks and their properties with Mr Christian, who showed us all of his samples.
We then looked at soils and learnt about what they are made from. We investigated this by separating all the different parts out. We had great fun filtering the soil and got very messy!
In the afternoon we investigated rocks for Williams keep. We decide the rock that the most suitable rock should be water proof, not erode easily and should not splinter easily. We learnt the names of all the rocks we were testing and investigated their properties, concluding that granite or basalt was the most suitable and mudstone the least suitable.
What a great day, and I hope you learnt a lot too when you came in for the learning exposure.

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