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Conquered England? Come buy our castle!! 08.05.14

This week the children have been lots of very exciting learning in Literacy. We designed our own Motte and Bailey castles, with all the Norman features…and a few extras of our own to make them truly a fortified stronghold. The children this week have been looking at persuasive writing, focusing on adverts this week. We researched different adverts and then have planned and designed our own adverts selling our castles to Norman knights, lords and ladies. We have used persuasive techniques such as:- colourful, bright lettering and pictures, comments from experts and celebrities, rhetorical questions, sellable features of the castle, statistics and facts. The children have enjoyed creating their adverts, and have been very confident and co-operative, helping each other with ideas.

What do you think; would you buy one of our castles?!

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