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Safety week. 22.10.15

This week has been our brilliant safety week.


We started the week learning about e-safety and how to stay safe online. We designed posters about staying safe whilst using the internet, text and email and had the police come in to talk to us all.



On Tuesday we learnt about fire safety and what to do if there was a fire in our house. We learnt a lot as many of us were not sure. We even had a visit from the fire engine and got to spray water everywhere!!

On Wednesday we learnt about how to stay safe in school and the rules that we have to keep us safe. We made short videos for Giant class to show them how to stay safe in school and who keeps us safe. We then shared our videos with Giant class.

On Thursday We learnt about first aid and what to do if we are with someone who scalds themselves, has a nose bleed, is chocking or is unconscious. We enjoyed acting out what to do and checking that we would know the things we should do in these situations.

Other things we have fitted into the week were road safety and staying safe when travelling around Cerne. We also looked at bullying, defining what it is, how people might feel and what we should do. We focused on how words can hurt people and that it is better to not say nasty things in the first place than say them and then say sorry.


Phew, what caring, courteous and considerate caterpillars we have been this week!!

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