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Week 6 - Topic Exposure (Explosion), Trains and Yeovil Town Football Club

Week 6


Abbey Class have had a really busy week! Here is what they got up to!


- Topic Exposure - The children had a challenge of writing a 100 word account imagining they were on the first passenger train in Britain (Manchester to Liverpool line)

- Word problems associated with division. Very tricky learning but super confident in their approach

- Yeovil Town Football Club came in for a special worship to promote what initiatives they have on offer for primary school children 

- Fun mental arithmetic games e.g. Winner stays on, answering subtraction questions. Very fun and super competitive

- Learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant, the children excelled at dramatizing the process!

- The children had a chance to write their own persuasive text in their 'Once a month' books.

- Parent consultations - I expressed to the parents how brilliant they all are :)


And lots, lots more!

Have a superb half term :) Mr M

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