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Science day. 13.02.14

On Monday we had a Science and Geography day. We studied flowers and dissected them, finding out all the names for different parts and their function. When considering their learning, the children reflected that they were really surprised that some flowers have female and male parts! All the children knew what a plant needs to grow, so we decided to investigate how a plant gets water and nutrients. The children predicted that they the plant sucks up water. They considered how to test this, and decided to add food colouring to the water and see if the flower changed colour- it did. We learnt that the plant sucks up the water through a process called osmosis.
In the afternoon for geography the children wanted to learn about volcanoes and earthquakes as part of their topic. We learnt about the layers of the earth, the tectonic plates and how volcanoes and  earthquakes are formed by these moving plates. The children made their own volcanoes and learnt about lava flow and why people would risk living near a volcano. It was a very interesting day!
The children were very caring caterpillars this week. They gave their pneumatic moving toys that they have made to each child in giant class.
It was good to see so many of you at the children's learning exposure this afternoon. I hope you enjoyed the quizz, and well done to Mrs Moore who got the highest score!
I hope you have a great half term and I look forward to seeing you after the holiday.

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