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Rights Week 24.10.14

This week we have been celebrating Children’s Rights week. It has been a fantastic week which has really made us consider how lucky we are. We have had lots of discussion about what our rights as children are, and the difference between our rights and things we want. We have also looked at what responsibility we have to those rights; for example, we have a right to and healthy food, and we have a responsibility to not waste food.
Abbey class looked at children’s bedrooms around the world and compared them to their own, it really surprised us, as some of the bedrooms did not look very nice, but when we looked closer we could see that the child had everything they needed.
As a class we decided that a right to education was the most important right after food, water and shelter as it can make such a difference to changing children’s lives. AS charity called School in the Bag came to talk to us about how they enable and support children to go to school by providing them with all the equipment they need. It shocked us to think that some of these children only get one meal a day provided by their school, and if they do not have a plate, then they cannot have that meal. We have decided to raise money for them by raising sponsorship for giving up a ‘want’ for a week.

As we thought that the right to an education was so important Abbey class wrote a poem about education that they performed in front of other DASP schools on Friday at The Thomas Hardye School. They were really confident caterpillars and did a great job. We also got to see other schools and what they had done.
This is our poem:
Is a rough key,
To open the door to victory.
Can be your shield,
It can act like a force field.
A car to go far in life,
keeps your spirit from strife,
It is a train ride to happiness
It’s time to find the gladness.
Is the destination to love
it helps you grow from above
is a bird which flies higher and higher
It can sometimes be like a ring of fire.
Is the light and love in your heart,
It sets your feet at the start.
is a river flowing,
Who knows where it is going.
Is a light,
To guide you through the fight.
A plane to take you places,
It helps you meet new faces.
Is a climb to the top of a mountain,
It can overflow like a fountain.
It takes you to your dreams,
You grow just like a little bean.

Have a great half term, enjoy the autumn weather as much as we did on our apple day!!

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