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Science- the human body. 20.03.14


Wow, what a busy week Abbey class have had this week.

On Tuesday half the class played a football match against Damers First school. They played extremely well and Archie got made man of the match for being there to support his team mates.

On Thursday we had the DASP music concert where the children performed ‘Hakuna Matata’ with Winterbourne Valley, our federation school. It was wonderful seeing the two KS2 classes together, and they performed with great confidence.
Today we have had a fantastic Science and Design Technology day. The children have been learning all about the human body- the heart and the digestive system, including the teeth in the morning. They also learnt independently, predicting whether boys or girls were taller, could jump further, or pick up more cubes. They then measured and recorded their results. In the afternoon we learnt about healthy eating and what food groups should be in our diet. The children used their new knowledge by looking at supermarket sandwiches and finding out the fat, sugar and salt content and evaluating them on taste, smell and looks. After that they designed their own healthy sandwiches to include all the food groups. A brilliant day, and lots of cooperative and communicative learning.

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