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Week 1 - We The Curious!

We The Curious – Bristol trip


Abbey class had a fantastic trip on Wednesday to the Science exhibition, ‘We The Curious’. They started the day off with a hands on Light and Dark workshop where they experimented with different types of light. This culminated in a few children trying to go through a laser maze to capture some gold! We then moved onto the planetarium where the children became scientists on a voyage through outer space. They explored various places such as the sun’s surface, Saturn's north polar storm which resembles a deep red rose of giant proportions and then went out to the outer edges of our solar system, specifically the Oort cloud! After that, we had a Light fantastic show where the children were exposed to fire, lasers and lots of amazing different light sources!

Then, they had time to explore the amazing exhibits they had to offer there as well as an obligatory visit to the gift shop! An amazing time had by all!


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