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"Goodbyee, goodbyee" 19.7.13

La semaine francaise

Abbey class has been enjoying the hot Mediterranean weather to get them in the mood to learn more about France and the French language.
We have been awaken and shaken by our Allouette song.
Les 3 Petit Cochons fairy story was greatly enjoyed. Year 3 have created amazing comic strips to tell the story in French.

On Wednesday a marvellous spread greeted us as we came into school - le petit dejeuner was far from petit for many; we greatly appreciated the effort from staff and parent helpers. It was a splendid start to le matin.

Then Mr Vann challenged the children to make their own versions of La Tour Eiffel. Wow! We were amazed by the imagination of the children and their great co-operative learning whilst building their edifices.
Miss Nottley taught them the game of handball which is very popular in France.

We looked at Seurat's paintings and learnt about his short but creative life. We tried to paint using pointillism and found out how difficult this technique is, but confidently worked to create the effect.

On Thursday we welcomed parents to tell them about our learning this half term and it was lovely to see so many in the classroom. 
We finished our wallets and are ready to move on our Journey of Life.

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