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All about shapes! 04.12.14

In Literacy we have been really conscientious learners, and we have written our whole story- 4 chapters!! We used our success criteria that we felt made a good story from last week to write our own adventure stories set in Roman Pompeii, with Mount Vesuvius erupting. Will our characters escape?- Come to the learning look next week to find out!!


This week in Maths we have been learning about shapes. 2-D and 3-D shapes, and all the special language we have to use to describe and talk about shapes. Ask your childre what a regular or irregular shape is? A polygon? What  perpendicular lines are? And what does parallel mean?

In the afternoons we combined maths with coding, and learnt how to code using MS Logo. We made lots of regular shapes, and talked a lot about angles in shapes and how many degrees they are. Some of us started to making repeating patterns, which looked really pretty.


We ended this Maths topic by making nets of  3-D shapes, and turning them into 3-D shapes. The children felt that they did lots of confident, co-operative and communicative learning, and I agreed with them. When we talked at the end, the children felt that the two most important things we learnt were:


Ellie: 'All 3-D shapes are made from 2-D shapes, which make up the faces of the shape.'

Layla: 'That to name a 3-D shape, you have to count how many faces it has, not look at what shapes the faces are made up



Shapes we have made:

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