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Week 4 - Play scripts, Rocks and a secret song!

Along with the children deciding on their leavers service song and continuing our play script learning, Wednesday's science day was the highlight!


The children had a great day exploring rocks, as part of our science learning. Mr Christian was the star guest, a veteran visitor to the school! He brought his collection of rocks and wealth of knowledge and the children had various different activities to complete!
Split into three groups, the children...
- Had the chance to look at different rocks and explore them on laptop, making power points and word documents about the rocks on show
- Explored the process of finding rocks by sieving and scouring.They then drew what they did as well labelling the different parts of the process
- Completed a poster on the three different types of rocks
- Q and A session with Mrs Christian, the children had loads of inquisitive questions up his sleeve!
- Worked in a small group exploring multiple different rocks and talking about their origin and significance with Mrs Christian, the children were amazed!

The day was great and we thank Mr Christian for coming in,providing the children with a super hands on experience!



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